Learn from market leaders

IE’s  Virtual Summits are designed to provide exclusive private debt sustainability market insight, connections relevant to your interests and specific strategies and allow you to be part of the conversation on interactive sessions.  

With the world changing rapidly, these focused virtual events allow the opportunity to step outside the day-to-day, network and get your questions answered in an impartial platform, and we hope have some fun while doing so.

Chat and arrange 1-2-1 video meetings


In addition to panel elements and data presentations there’s
a unique ability to connect & network with other attendees, requesting
1-2-1 video chats & messages and to connect live via LinkedIn. 


How do I message and arrange 1-2-1s at the event?

Simply navigate to the people tab on the right, select the person you wish to connect with, you will see a “request video chat” button, and, where its entered, a Linkedin profile button. The chat box is at the bottom of the screen.

NOTE: PLEASE SET UP YOUR PROFILE on the top right of the hopin screen

TOP TIP: If you have RECEIVED A MESSAGE you will receive a RED DOT next to the PEOPLE TAB so keep an eye out for that as you don’t want to miss any key connection opportunities!

Participate in workshops and open discussion sessions

We encourage YOU to be a speaker and contribute to the interactive discussion sessions, in ‘face-up’ video roundtables, ask and answer questions or join the open networking room and chew-the-fat with old friends and new connections! 

How do I join the interactive sessions?

Click on the ‘Sessions’ Tab on the left, and then select the session you wish to join. 

Once in, you will see the ‘request to join’ button. Dependant on the session you will either be able to instantly join, or will join once the moderator has authorised you.

TOP TIP: You can also get involved via the specific SESSION CHAT AREA on the right

View the main sessions


We’re pleased to be hosting thought leaders from across the private debt spectrum in our formal panel discussions and presentation sessions. To view these go to the ‘Stage’ tab on the left.


Interested in speaking at a future event?

We’re always on the lookout for great speakers with interesting and valuable stories to tell contact us , and let us know why you or a colleague should be considered for the formal speaking programme. 

Answer polls and view results in real-time

how to navigate to polls

Add your questions to the Stage Chat

The virtual exhibition space

Connect with virtual exhibitors

Find out more about the us and other exhibiting partners ; simply click on the exhibition tab on the left.

Receive exclusive benefits

Download reports, receive special offers, enter competitions and more: exhibitor dependant.

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